About WanderDog Swag

This shop is one of many creative outlets for the steady stream of creative ideas that spill out of my head. I've always wanted to have a t-shirt company and even attempted one way back when you had to preprint your products and hope for the best. 

Now, with such amazing print on demand options I'm able to concentrate on designing fun and silly sayings and slogans and place them on a multitude of products. I get to see my silly, sarcastic (and sometimes dark) thoughts and ideas become physical products. As well as promoting my travel blog and YouTube channel with my own line of Wayne On The Road merchandise for any diehard fans. 

I'll be adding new designs regularly so be sure to check back once in awhile and see what's new. 

This shop supplements my income so that Rollins the WanderDog and I can keep exploring, creating content and photos along the way. It all goes to keep us going so that means your purchases mean the world to us. I believe in experiences over things and aim to give my rescue doggo the most amazing life I possible can. (He's pretty spoiled).

If there is a design you like but not on the product you'd like just drop me a line and I'd be happy to make it available on the desired item. 

Thank you for looking and if you made a purchase here we both send you all the love and gratitude we have to give! 

Much Love

Wayne & Rollins